TREPEDIA is a small and a young company. I myself am 59 years old, unfortunately not so young, mechanical engineer and locksmith. 20 years ago I developed a stair design software for steel stairs which was very easy to use and not expensive. In the year 2011 I sold that company and worked 4 years at the new owner, until I made a long pause for familary reasons.

2017 I startet my “comeback” like some older rockstars do today. I developed a complete new software from the scratch with my background of 20 years experience. In a first step for stairs, later railings will follow.

TREPEDIA as a company is very “down-to-earth”. Of course we want to earn money, but we want to have a fair relationship to our customers. We think a little bit like craftsmen.

On this note,

Norbert Schulze-Kahleyß

(sorry if my English is not perfect, it was not google, it was me)